A Smart Jump-rope That Counts Your Calories

A Smart Jump-rope That Counts Your Calories

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Men’s Fitness says, “The jump rope may be the most portable and convenient cardio tool available. Relearn how to use it and you’ll be lean, spry, and well-conditioned for life.”

But even the most convenient exercise equipment isn’t convenient enough for most of us, who leave it under the bed, alongside the ab-buster and thigh-squeezer. But what if the jump rope under your bed cajoled, pleaded, and screamed at you to use it? What if it could annoy and embarrass you into using it? That might work.

Sophia is a smart jump rope that has launched a Kickstarter campaign, and costs $34. It’ll measure your jumps, speed, and calories burned and challenge you to meet your exercise goals. It has leather grips that magnetically snap together, and comes in stylish colors.

It may not have the interaction of a group of Double Dutch girls sing-songing on the street corner or the motivational abusive of Rocky’s coach — “Get up, you son of a bitch!” — but it might encourage you enough to brush  the dust bunnies off your rope every once in a while and jump!



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