Aaron Sorkin Somehow Didn’t Know About Hollywood’s Diversity Issues Until Now

Aaron Sorkin Somehow Didn’t Know About Hollywood’s Diversity Issues Until Now

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At a visit to the Writers Guild Festival on Saturday, writer/producer Aaron Sorkin learned that — surprise! — Hollywood has some problems with diversity.

During a discussion about diversity, Sorkin asked the audience, “Are you saying that women and minorities have a more difficult time getting their stuff read than white men?” Believe it or not, he was not being sarcastic.

“And you’re also saying that [white men] get to make mediocre movies and can continue on?” Sorkin continued, evidently unaware of the existence of Adam Sandler.

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the West Wing creator genuinely seemed to believe that the entertainment industry is a meritocracy bereft of gender or racial bias, Page Six reports.

“You’re saying that if you are a woman or a person of color, you have to hit it out of the park in order to get another chance?” he asked.

“What can I do [to help]?” asked Sorkin, a man who has been working in Hollywood for decades. “I do want to understand what someone like me can do … but my thing has always been: ‘If you write it, they will come.’”

Oh, Aaron! We don’t even know where to begin.

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