This Queer Artist Had ‘Make America Great Again’ Tattooed Around His Hole

This Queer Artist Had ‘Make America Great Again’ Tattooed Around His Hole

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Artist Abel Azcona tattooed the words of Donald’s Trump infamous campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” in a circle around his butthole. How intense is that?

“I always worked my body as a weapon and a political tool,” Azcona told the Huffington Post. “For more than 12 years I have been performing political and social performances and exhibitions that have led me to jail, detention or death threats. I believe in the empowerment of the body and of the pain. The anus is a pleasure zone for many people, and an area of sin for others. I think demystifying what the anus is, and writing a fascist political motto like that in my anus, is a clearly critical and subversive action.”

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During this trying time, many artists are taking their activisim and pouring it onto the canvases of their work. “It’s time for artists to be activists,” painter Aaron Johnson explains. “I truly believe that. Personally I’ll be following Shaun King’s Trump resistance platform, Bernie’s Our Revolution, and Michael Moore as directives for how to fight back. It’s also time for artists to keep making art. Keep painting, otherwise the fascists win! I’m trying, today, a week after the election, to get my painting will back. The visions are dancing in my head. I can take on this autocrat monster and his cabinet of hate mongers in my paintings, and I can be vicious.”

Aaron Johnson, “Uncle Sam Funeral,” 22×28 inches, acrylic on polyester knit mesh, 2016

“I believe that all of us who consider ourselves different should never be silent,” Abel Azcona continued. “We must attack. We must use our body as a weapon of empowerment. We are faggots, women, Mexicans, blacks and different. And we are brave. Art is the greatest critical, social and political weapon I know.”

Pink News reports that this isn’t the first time Azcona has sparked controversy with his art:

Last year, he consumed ketamine – a drug which causes loss of feeling and muscle paralysis – so he could test what people would do to an unconscious man. And in 2015, he used 242 Catholic sacramental wafers to spell out the word “Pederastia”.

“Religion is on the same level as cancer and AIDS, and in fact has killed more people than these diseases,” he explained at the time.

See the very NSFW photo of Abzel Azcona’s booty here.

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