About Hornet

About Hornet

Hornet is the world’s premier gay social network. Founded in 2011 with the mission to build the digital home for the gay community, Hornet has grown to more than 25 million total users by utilizing cutting-edge technology for its dating platform and producing original editorial content to connect a community around common interests. Hornet provides a superior user experience and is number one in the key markets of France, Russia, Brazil, Turkey and Taiwan, and is consistently expanding its sizable user base in the United States. 


About Hornet Stories

With our international LGBT news room — the largest in the world — Hornet Stories scours the globe for the most irresistible news, culture and lifestyle content. Though we’re a content hub for gay millennials, Hornet Stories is a place for readers of all types and interests to uncover trending topics and new ideas. With the goal of keeping our readers informed and in step with the world, we regularly report on issues of importance to the LGBTQ community, from news briefs and entertainment reviews to in-depth travel stories and think pieces on love, sex, relationships and health.


About Our Staff

Stephan Horbelt, Executive Editor

about hornet stories stephan

Raised in Houston, Texas, at 21 years old Stephan moved to Los Angeles to become an entertainment attorney. The luster of 50-page contracts quickly wore thin, and after two years of practicing law he made a life-saving change to the always-exciting world of queer media, never looking back. For seven years prior to his time at Hornet, Stephan was the editor-in-chief of L.A.’s LGBT print publication Frontiers. Among the highlights of his time spent “working in print” (a medium he still worships) are award-winning profiles of some of his favorite artists, including Lily Allen, Stevie Nicks and Rufus Wainwright.

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Danny Addice, Content Strategist

about hornet stories danny

A product of suburban New Jersey, Danny left behind the life of orange tans and frosted tips to pursue degrees in Poetry and American Studies. When he realized aspiring poets can’t afford food and shelter, he became a writer, working at Nerve, Queerty and finally The Underwear Expert, where he spent three years as Managing Editor, building up an encyclopedic knowledge of men’s skivvies. After a stint working overseas, Danny felt his perspective on queer culture was more pressing in his quickly deteriorating home country post-Trump’s election, which led him to us at Hornet.

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Daniel Villarreal, Senior Editor

about hornet stories daniel

Daniel was raised by an atheist chemist and a Pentecostal nurse in Hutchins, Texas, until age 15 when he moved to Dallas and turned gay. He eventually got a fancy learnin’ degree, taught English in Japan and wrestled a creative writing MFA from the cold, ivory claw of Columbia University. Prior to his time at Hornet, Daniel worked with Queerty, Gay.net, HereTV, Gay.com, Towleroad and The Dallas Voice, and he continues to work with QueerBomb Dallas and CinéWilde. He envisions a golden age of new media in which writers and readers work together to create lasting social change.

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Alexander Kacala, Senior Editor

about hornet stories alex

Alexander has been shaping LGBTQ media since January 2013, when he entered the industry working for G Philly. He’s since contributed to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly.com, Philadelphia magazine, NewNowNext, Metro U.S. and Pride.com. Now a New Yorker, he specializes in creating content about the Big Apple, dating, sex, pop culture and travel, while also broadening Hornet’s reach with fun video content. Alexander comes to Hornet from New York’s Next magazine, where he was editor in chief.

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Matt Keeley, Managing Editor

about hornet stories matt

Matt is an “indoor kid” from Seattle with a BA in communications. He’s been fascinated by media since he was 5, recording his own homemade radio shows, and he’s spent very little of his professional life outside that umbrella, with most of his career spent in the radio industry. In 2007, Matt founded the pop culture site Kittysneezes and he’s contributed to sites like Popshifter, Popdose and the late, lamented JefitoBlog. His main interests include music, comics, animation (especially anime) and documentaries.

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