Culture Continues Shift Towards Acceptance of Homosexuality

In a continuing trend that underscores just how out of touch socially conservative Republicans are, the majority of Americans believe homosexuality should be accepted by society.

In a May 4 Pew Research Center Poll, it was found that 58% of people polled say that homosexuality should be accepted, rather than discouraged by society. In particular, 69% of those under the age of 30 said that homosexuality should be accepted.

The poll showed a continued decrease in opposition to gay marriage: 45% are in favor of gays and lesbians being able to marry, while 46% are against. This is a 19% drop in opposition since 1994, and an 8% drop since April 2009.

An increase in acceptance of gay parenting was also shown: 35% say that gay parents are bad for society, 14% view it positively, and 48% believe it does not make much difference.

gay blog, gay news, gay culture

gay blog, gay news, gay culture