Accused Gay Priest: Let Them Measure My Anus and See If It Is Dilated

Accused Gay Priest: Let Them Measure My Anus and See If It Is Dilated

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A Spanish priest, Andrés García Torres, who has a parish in the Madrid dormitory town of Fuenlabrada has said he will go to Rome to show that he is being expelled from his parish unfairly.

It comes after the Bishop of Getafe has demanded that he goes under psychiatric therapy to ‘cure’ his homosexuality, and has an HIV test, following claims made that he has had a relationship with a 28 year old Cuban seminarian, claims which are based on a photo of him hugging the man on a trip to Fátima. Both men are shirtless in the photo.

‘Let them measure my anus and see if it is dilated’, said the priest who insists that they are only friends. He complains that his mother has not stopped crying at what has happened.

Yikes! But um, that’s not how anuses work…

Illegal immigrants? Nazi gold? Easter eggs? What do you think they’ll find when they measure the priests anus?

(via Typically Spanish)

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