This Bonkers Christian Woman Has Accused a Vatican Bishop of Being Gay for the Dumbest Reason Ever

This Bonkers Christian Woman Has Accused a Vatican Bishop of Being Gay for the Dumbest Reason Ever

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A writer for a right-wing pro-life extremist site accused a Vatican bishop of being gay because his coat of arms has a picture of a rainbow in it.

In a column for Life Site NewsClaire Chretien strongly implied that Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, former head of the Pontifical Council for the Family, is some kind of gay sex pervert because his coat of arms features an illustration of a rainbow.

Paglia’s Coat of Arms(via Flickr )

Only it turns out that the image of a dove on a rainbow is actually the symbol of the Comunita Sant’ Egidio. It’s also an allusion to the Biblical story of Noah. You’d think a devout Christian would get the reference, but not Claire Chretien!

But that’s not all! Chretien also cites the Paglia’s support of a Vatican sex-ed program which another Life Site writer criticized for including sexually explicit pictures of fruit. No, really.

One of the images that offended Life Site News (warning: NSFW)

Even further, Chretien rails against Archbishop Paglia for commissioning a painting depicting semi-nude men. Even worse, she gasps, the image was painted by a homosexual.

Presumably, Chretien is also angry at the Sistine Chapel ceiling:

Ban this sick filth.

Paglia also said some nice words about Marco Pannella, an Italian civil rights campaigner known for his non-violent activism. As we all know, Jesus hated civil rights activism, especially the non-violent kind.

As a result of all this, the bizarro moon-Christians at Life Site News have set up a petition demanding Paglia’s resignation. We have a better idea: make this man pope. He will be a million times cooler than our current Cool Pope and probably more gay-friendly, which is rad as hell.


(Header image via Flickr)

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