Is the ACLU Putting Together a Gay Army? These Christians Think So

Is the ACLU Putting Together a Gay Army? These Christians Think So

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A Christian conservative law organization that fights against same-sex marriage sent a message warning the world about the ACLU’s leftist gay army.

As part of their fundraising campaign, the Liberty Counsel has warned that the ACLU is “recruiting an army of left-leaning activists to mobilize against President Trump’s policies.” That sounds awesome and we expect the uniforms will be amazing.

The Liberty Counsel goes on to denounce an “aggressive pro-LGBTQ campaign that includes fighting against any religious liberty protections that they deem to be ‘antigay.’”

The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the Liberty Counsel as a hate group devoted to fighting LGBTQ rights under the guise of religious freedom. The group’s chair, Mat Staver, has repeatedly characterized gay men as child molesters. The Liberty Counsel worked to defend that horrible homophobic county clerk Kim Davis a while back when she refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

It’s true that the ACLU has mounted a campaign to fight many of the Trump administration’s assaults on civil liberties. But the ACLU is an equal-opportunity offender, for better or for worse. In the past, they’ve defended the speech of right-wing extremists, including the KKK and even Nazis. So the Liberty Counsel will be fine. (For now, anyway, until the Communist Homosexual Battalion invades their land.)


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