No, Adam Lambert and Sam Smith Aren’t Dating (But We Wish They Were)

No, Adam Lambert and Sam Smith Aren’t Dating (But We Wish They Were)

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Apparently the rumor mill has been abuzz that two of the pop music world’s greatest gay talents were getting to, uh, know each other a little better. Unfortunately, just as quickly as the rumors of American Idol alum Adam Lambert and Grammy- and Oscar-winner Sam Smith dating came about, they have been dashed—along with our hopes of the two marrying in an elaborate castle-set wedding and adopting tens of always-on-pitch kiddies.

Lambert shot down the rumors (which in all honesty we hadn’t even heard) on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week.

A caller on the show asked if the rumors of there being more than a friendship were true, to which Lambert responded:

I love that rumor, actually, because the minute I heard it and I texted him, going, “so?” No, he’s such a nice guy, he’s so funny and … no. There’s no [romance]. But we did ride a rickshaw in London from one club to another, wasted, at like 3 in the morning. So there’s a lot of bonding. And I ran into him in Mykonos this summer.

Well, there you have it. The rumors—which initially spawned after the two partied together following Smith’s Oscar win—are false.

Adam Lambert and Sam Smith get cozy in New York following Smith’s Oscar win

Womp womp.

Watch Lambert on the hot seat in the clip below:

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