Adam Lambert Reveals That Music Execs Tried to Water Down His Queerness Early in His Career

Adam Lambert Reveals That Music Execs Tried to Water Down His Queerness Early in His Career

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Adam Lambert has always been known to push the boundaries in the entertainment industry. But his fight for originality doesn’t come without some challenges along the way. The 35-year-old just revealed one of those obstacles on his social media, revealing that music execs forced him to tone down his album cover on For Your Entertainment so retailers would be comfortable selling it.

Lambert’s debut studio album For Your Entertainment came out eight years ago last week on Nov. 23, 2009. The album, which peaked at number 3 on the Billboard 200, featured the singles “For Your Entertainment”, “Whataya Want from Me” and “If I Had You.” It reached gold and platinum status in multiple countries. The album’s second single “Whataya Want from Me” also became an international hit reaching the top ten in 14 countries.

On Saturday, Lambert shared two different pieces of artwork for the album cover on Instagram, revealing that music execs opted to release the toned-down version where Lambert’s face is covered because retailers felt uncomfortable with the original.

“8 year anniversary of my first official album For Your Entertainment ! I was feelin my gender fluid (and fully photoshopped) glam rock fantasy,” he wrote.

“The powers that be released a second cover for retailers who felt ‘uncomfortable’ w the original. (Even though i was still fully painted).”

The former American Idol star continued: “Hahaha seems so funny now…. but just 8 yrs ago it was a much different climate.”

He told the Express and Star: “Look at all the gender fluidity stuff that’s become the conversation right now. The kids coming up right now are less hung up on stereotypical gender roles.

“It’s funny, because I look at kids rocking some nail polish or a little glitter and I’m like, ‘Do you guys think this is new? I’ve been doing this for years.’”

Alongside his solo career, Lambert has collaborated with rock band Queen as lead vocalist for Queen + Adam Lambert since 2011, culminating in a successful worldwide tour from 2014 to 2017.

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