Adam Rippon Dishes on Johnny Weir Drama: ‘He May Be Jealous of Me’

Adam Rippon Dishes on Johnny Weir Drama: ‘He May Be Jealous of Me’

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While on Watch What Happens, Live Tuesday night with Andy Cohen, openly gay, Olympic medal-winning figure skater Adam Rippon responded to rumors that there may be some tension between him and openly gay former Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir. We break down the Adam Rippon Johnny Weir drama for you right here.

The rumors stem from a report in Page Six that Johnny Weir was upset about all the attention Rippon was getting at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

“The one-time Olympian Weir is doing a flying spin with envy because audiences find Rippon funnier and more lovable,” they report. “NBC even offered Rippon a correspondent job, but he turned it down to stay in the Olympic Village with his teammates.”

“Johnny feels upstaged and threw a fit about Adam,” an NBC insider sniffed, adding, “Johnny should spend less time on his Hunger Games hair and more time engaging the audience.”

Katie, a caller onto Watch What Happens, Live, asked, “Adam, do you think that the rumors on Page Six were true that Johnny Weir was actually jealous of all the attention that you were getting during the Olympics?”

Adam Rippon responded, “Ummm, maybe.”

He then explained. “I think maybe but you know what, I’m not coming for his job, I’m not coming for his gig.”

Cohen asked if they had had any interactions at the Olympics. “We didn’t really have any. Rippon answered.

“Well, maybe?” He continued. “I really don’t know. Because we didn’t really have any interactions but we’ve always reached out to each other and I’ve always thanked him because I have always thought that he has kind of made my way a bit easier.”

Cohen then pressed Rippon to see if he has aspirations to be an announcer like Weir. “Not really, no. I want to do something else,” he replied. “I don’t know [what]. I really like being here and drinking.”

Brand Glanville, who was appearing on the show too, put the whole thing into perspective that any gay man can relate to. “It’s like when theres a new Housewife, everybody gets a little bit jealous. That’s all it is,” she said.

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