Adam Rippon Responds to Leather Harness Haters, and Cher Replies

Adam Rippon Responds to Leather Harness Haters, and Cher Replies

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Adam Rippon has hit back at his haters who slammed his look at the Oscars. The U.S. figure skater arrived at the 90th Academy Awards wearing a deconstructed Moschino tuxedo designed by Jeremy Scott with a black leather harness underneath. The tweet where Adam Rippon responds to his haters was met with lots of love from his fans, including one very special LGBT icon.

The internet freaked over Adam Rippon’s Oscars look. Probably the brightest endorsement came from Tyra Banks who loved the outfit. She tweeted: “Hoe, but make it fashion @Adaripp! #Oscars #YouAreFierce”

Adam Rippon

But a lot of people were up in arms about the look, and slammed him for wearing it. One fan commented: “I know we’re all supposed to love him- but he looks stupid/god awful in that thing!”

Another added: “It’s so damn tacky. You’d think he’d have a little more taste than this. You’re at the Oscars, dude. His schtick was cute at first but, honestly…it’s getting a little annoying.”

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Rippon took to social media to explain that he wasn’t phased by the comments he received. In fact, he said he felt “like a sexy MF.”

Rippon tweeted:

“I think fashion is all about self-expression and I chose to wear what I wore on the red carpet because I felt cool AF. Everyone should take risks, be bold, and not give a [shit]. It’s LOTS of fun. Huge thanks to my team for dressing me and make me feel like a sexy MF,’ he proudly posted to Twitter.”

Many people responded to Rippon’s tweet with love and support, praising his look and his individuality for being able to wear it. One person who piled on was Cher.

In classic Cher Twitter style, she tweeted:

Fashion is what Makes You Feel
Where do Those In The “Better Safe Than Outstanding”Fashion Police Get Their ?? ⁉
?I Graduated Summa cum laude from,…✨If You Can’t Be Something Amazing ,Rip Ppl Apart Who Are,..”U”✨⁉

Legends on legends!

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