‘Adam Zkt. Eva’ Is a Sexy Dutch Dating Show Where Everybody’s Naked

‘Adam Zkt. Eva’ Is a Sexy Dutch Dating Show Where Everybody’s Naked

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The United States is great and all — don’t get us wrong, we’re proud Americans — but there’s one big thing other countries have over us: nudity on TV. In the U.S., we can only see naughty bits on pay TV channels like HBO. But abroad, genitals and breasts just fly over the public airwaves for everyone to see! The latest example that’s making us consider moving is Adam Zkt. Eva, a Dutch reality dating show.

Adam Zkt. Eva (or Adam Looking For Eve in English) is a twist on standard dating shows like The Bachelor. Similar to that show, a person spends time with potential partners and must decide who to stay with. The main twist here — they’re all naked. All the time.

Unlike The Bachelor, it’s not just about finding one potential couple at a time. In Adam Zkt. Eva, multiple groups of potential mates hang out at the beautiful beach resort, mingling and making friends.

Also unlike The Bachelor, there’s another twist. Halfway through, the show brings in another potential partner into the mix. But let’s be honest, the main draw is the nudity.

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Though the show hasn’t received the best reviews, it’s been popular. The Dutch version of the show has been running since 2014, and it’s been exported to a number of other countries. Spain, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Italy and Hungry all have their own versions of the show. Not just that, but subtitled versions of the original have aired in Australia, Poland and Portugal.

If you’re curious, the official website from Dutch broadcaster RTL has a number of free, uncensored clips.

So far, it looks like all the couples are heterosexual, which is disappointing. But still, that’s not going to stop us from ogling. Now if we can get something like this in the United States! We do have VH1’s Dating Naked, but, well, that’s just not the same… unless VH1 put the call out for people who actually do have naturally occurring blurry genitals.

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