Addicted To Your Phone? This 1-Minute Ad Will Change That

Addicted To Your Phone? This 1-Minute Ad Will Change That

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Before we say a single thing. Watch the video above. No really, watch it. We’ll be here, waiting patiently.

Did you do it?

Now, be honest: how much time do you spend looking at your phone everyday instead of observing the people and things around you? How often have you talked with a loved one or driven a car just to be distracted by a ping, message, or app on your phone? Has the world changed around you while you were looking somewhere else?

I once crashed a beautiful car into a high curb while changing music on my phone. I’ve spent entire holidays texting with strangers while ignoring my beautiful, weird family. If I could quantify the seconds and minutes I’ve lost staring into my phone, it’d likely turn into hours or days and I’d feel ashamed and sheepish — what could I have seen or learned if I hadn’t been distracted?

This is our wake up call. As Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Oh, by the way, Škoda is a Czech automobile company that has yet to appear in the US. During WWII, they built tanks and planes for the Nazis, so we bombed them along with the Brits. Then in 2000, Volkwswagon bought them. They currently sell a lot of cars in China (big market), but if one ever comes stateside, it’ll likely have VW branding.

Thanks, Škoda — don’t text and drive/date/walk/live.

(featured image above via Matthew G)


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