3 Times Adele Brought Drag Queen Versions of Herself Onstage (Video)

3 Times Adele Brought Drag Queen Versions of Herself Onstage (Video)

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We love a good Adele drag queen.

Earlier this week, Adele brought a drag queen impersonator up onstage with her during a concert in Australia. This wasn’t the first time the songstress has done this. It probably won’t be the last either as she seems to really love seeing the amazing drag looks up close and personal.

Here are three times that Adele met fabulous drag versions of herself onstage:

1. DJ Feminem

At her first Australian concert earlier this week, Adele asked an audience member to join her — only to discover they had more in common than she thought.

“I impersonate you professionally for a job,” DJ Feminem told Adele. Feminem then belted out a bit of “Rumour Has It” as Adele danced along, giving her a big hug before posing for a selfie.

Afterwards, Adele joked, “Why didn’t you tell me I had such a sweaty face? You look better than me… that’s not allowed!”

2. Delta Werk

In August, 2016 in Los Angeles, the British superstar brought another rather famous drag queen lookalike up onstage with her. Delta Werk was on season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and she has been impersonating the British songstress for some time now.

After Adele brought her up on stage, she gushed over how much they look alike. Werk told her all about a drag show she hosts around Southern California. Adele asked, “Are you me sometimes?”

“I am you all the time,” Werk answered.

After the show, it was clear Werk was touched. “Hey Adele: Thank you,” she tweeted. “I am over the moon. Your show was so elegant and special. Thank you for your kindness.”

3. Kristie Champagne

In late July 2016, Adele brought drag queen impersonator Kristie Champagne onstage with her at a concert in Seattle, Washington.

Adele reeled over Champagne’s look and complimented her very elegant dress she had specifically made for the night.

Champagne responded by telling Adele that “you seriously changed my life for the better,” and told her how she impersonates her twice a week at Julia’s.

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