Watch Adele Swear in the Middle of Her George Michael Tribute (Video)

Watch Adele Swear in the Middle of Her George Michael Tribute (Video)

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There are certain words, like the famous f-bomb, which get banned on American television. The English queen of pop Adele should have remembered this last night at the Grammy Awards, when she began her tribute to George Michael, the gay English artist who died last year on Dec. 25 at the age of 50.

Adele chose to performer Michael’s Fast Love as a slow song, when she stopped the music after 30 seconds, saying: “I f *c ked up; I cannot do it again like last year.” She then apologized to the public, saying, “I’m sorry, I cannot mess this up for him.” Then Adele started again, this time impeccably.

The Grammys are broadcast with a delay of about seven seconds, which normally avoids this kind of thing. But Adele’s cursing passed under the noses of the censors and CBS, the channel that airs the Grammys. Thus, she risks a fine from the Federal Communications Commission. Oh well, it might be better for her than last year, when one of Adele’s performances was marked by a failing microphone.

Many personalities came to the rescue of the singer who, by the way, left the Grammys with the greatest number of trophies (five in all, including Best Song and Best Record).

Oh, and in other quasi-gay Grammys news, the band 21 Pilots accepted their award in their underwear and gay hip-hop artist Frank Ocean threw some shade at the awards by telling its producers, “Your show puts people to sleep.”

Watch Adele’s version of George Michael’s “Fast Love”

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