Adorable Gay Vultures And Other Happy LGBTQ News From Around The World World

Adorable Gay Vultures And Other Happy LGBTQ News From Around The World

Written by Matt Keeley on October 04, 2017
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Why we’re covering this: LGBTQ world politics can be discouraging, but there’s lots of good news happening too — we try to celebrate our victories and praise our supporters while supporting inclusive, queer politics and culture abroad.

  • During a meeting with LGBTI activists, World Bank President Jim Young Kim announced the Bank will hire its first sexual orientation and gender identity rights advisor. Kim also committed funds to analyze the cost of homophobia.
  • From Japan the Queer and Women’s Resource Center released a report to provide medical health professionals guidance in caring for LGBT Japanese.

  • The Australian government pledged $29 million to services for LGBTI people, including $15 million to build a ‘Pride Centre.’ Funds also will be set for gender dysphoria services, funding to combat homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia, and a focus on mental health youth programs.

  • In the Philippines, call centers provide transgender and other gender-nonconforming workers the relative freedom to safely adopt their preferred gender while earning a wage over the phone. 

  • The Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration (ORAM) published a comprehensive glossary in 5 languages with terminology to aid humanitarian workers to communicate with LGBT people.

  • Albanian LGBTI groups prepared to celebrate the 5th annual Tirana Gay (P)Ride event with a photo campaign.

  • From the UK Gay Star News hosted ‘Digital Pride’—the ‘first Pride anyone, anywhere in the world can join in’—with live streamed panels, debates, artists and films. Topics included mental health, PrEP, intersex issues, women’s voices, and the trans movement.

  •  The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) held its annual global convention in South Africa. Tourism minister Derek Hanekom delivered the keynote to participants, remarking:

    We want you here to be a light to the millions of LGBT people in our country, so that wherever they are, they might know that they are not alone that they are quite normal and that they should live their lives unafraid. For that is the kind of country we are trying to build.

  • During the IGLTA convention it was announced that the US National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and South Africa’s The Other Foundation will work together to establish an LGBT business network in Africa.

  • Hong Kong is lobbying to host the International Gay Games. And in the US, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) voted to move all future games away from cities that cannot ‘prove they can provide an environment free of discrimination‘—throwing into question collegiate games in states with anti-LGBT legislation.

  • The BBC produced the documentary Beyond Binary, exploring the communities of non-binary people around the world. And Canadian playwright and filmmaker Alec Butler described the experience of going through puberty as an intersex person—’getting a beard and a period at the same time.’

  • And finally, check out these adorable ‘gay’ male vultures in Germany that are ‘attempting to start a family‘ by nesting and caring for an egg abandoned by its mother.

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