This Valentine’s Day Surprise Between Two African Schoolboys Will Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

This Valentine’s Day Surprise Between Two African Schoolboys Will Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

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Even the most cynical of critics out there will gush over this video, that features an adorable pair of South African schoolboys caught in a Valentine’s Day surprise.

One of the boys waited outside his Valentine’s class to surprise him with a bouquet of flowers and an “I Love You” balloon. After their gift exchange and a cute huge, the boy goes in with the best gift of all for his Valentine: a kiss. There are shrieks and screams from the gaggle of school children watching the exchange, but the whole thing seems like it was a festival of love.

Brendon Gumede shared the video to his 7,000 followers on Twitter with the caption: “This is so beautiful. ❤?❤ totally made my day.”

We reached out to Gumede for more information on the video, and will update this post when he gets back to us.

One fan responded to the video: “This just made my day, what a time to be alive indeed. “High School is one of the most awkward phases for gay people. Good to see there is a generation that is going to grow up without dealing with such awkward environments ♥️”

“When you are confident with yourself and understand what you are doing, happiness will forever find you,” tweeted someone else.

Another person added: “This so cute!!! @JayAlyCapoue i just had to tag you. SA folks are living in the future, rest of Africa!!! ?”

LGBT people in South Africa enjoy the same rights as non-LGBT people. South Africa has a complex and diverse history regarding the human rights of LGBT people. The legal and social status of between 400,000 to over 2 million LGBT and intersex South Africans has been influenced by a combination of traditional South African mores, colonialism and the lingering effects of apartheid and the human rights movement that contributed to its abolition.

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