After Trump’s Remarks on Europe, Conservative Newspaper Die Welt Pleads for a ‘Gayer’ Germany

In a completely new tone, the chief editor of Die Welt, a newspaper known to be rather conservative, made this surprising statement following Donald Trump’s provocative remarks on Germany:

We must defend ourselves against Donald Trump and become more courageous, more industrious, more innovative, freer, more open, more gay, more multicultural.

This editorial came in response to Donald Trump’s attacks on NATO, Europe and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy.

Editor-in-chief Ulf Poschardt’s statement was meme-ified and posted on Facebook:

Strangely, in the online version of the article the expression “more gay” (schwuleren) disappeared in favor of “more creative” (kreativer).

On Facebook, the picture provoked criticism from women who were wondering how they could become more gay. But it was mainly homophobic comments that dominated: “Gays are a waste of nature.”

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