gay neon sailors
gay neon sailors

Ahoy! Sweden Uses Gay Neon Sailor To Scare Homophobic Russian Subs

Sweden’s been having trouble lately with Russian submarines going into Swedish waters without permission. So the world’s oldest peace organization, the Swedish Peace & Arbitration Society has come up with a solution… a neon soldier in a Speedo, shaking his hips and welcoming Russian soldiers into their warm waters!

Putin’s Russia has been widely known for its homophobic policies… in contrast to Sweden, who decriminalized homosexuality back in 1944 (the first in the world!). The neon sailor not only advertises that fact, but gyrates his bulge and sends out morse code reading “This Way If You Are Gay”.

If you want to see him for yourself, you’ll need a submarine… but once you get one, drive it on over to 59°18’45.3″N 18°44’08.6″E — that’s right near Stockholm if your GPS is busted. Those of us without u-boats will just have to be satisfied with the video.


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