BIGOT REMIX: Supermutant Alex Jones Hates Humans!!!

BIGOT REMIX: Supermutant Alex Jones Hates Humans!!!

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Paranoid radio show host Alex Jones thinks that gay people and same-sex marriage supporters are Satanic pedophiles who’re trying to break “the ancient, unified program of marriage” and make children property of the state — oh, and he thinks that the United Nations is using gay people to eradicate humanity.

But if you think that sounds bonkers, you should hear our Bigot Remix™ of him: he’s like X-Men’s Magneto, ranting about how much he hates humans and wants to destroy everyone, starting with Mexico, Japan and Russia! Gay people and same-sex marriage will be the least of your worries.

We also did a Bigot Remix™ of Pat Robertson talking about all the “filthy things” he wants done to him. To check out more funny videos, check out Unicorn Booty’s YouTube.

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