Alexander Skarsgård Went Full Frontal on Last Night’s Episode of ‘Big Little Lies’ (NSFW)

Alexander Skarsgård Went Full Frontal on Last Night’s Episode of ‘Big Little Lies’ (NSFW)

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In HBO’s dark drama Big Little Lies, handsome actor Alexander Skarsgård plays Perry Wright, a successful businessman who is married to Celeste (played by Nicole Kidman). They make a beautiful couple, but — like so many other things in the show — they are not what they seem. Take their most talked about scene from last night. In it, Celeste gives Perry a handjob, a sexy interlude which quickly turns gross and rapey when Celeste tries to leave mid-stroke.

At first, we were delighted to see Skarsgård’s penis again — we hadn’t seen it since his days playing Eric the vampire on HBO’s campy vampire series, True Blood. But then Perry grabs Celeste by the hair and, because he has a history of physically abusing and raping her, Celeste has no choice but to hit his dong with a tennis racket. It’s brutal, but hey, it works.

Let’s take a look at the scene:

Naturally, the scene has fans wondering whether Skarsgård’s penis was fake or not. Considering that it gets hit with a tennis racket, we’re going to go ahead and assume it’s a prosthetic. It’s a very nice prosthetic, but no dick, fake or not, is worth abuse, so we’re hoping Celeste finds a way out. Her therapist in the show knows that she’s being abused and has told her to make an escape plan for when it happens again, so she might be finding a better more loving man sometime soon.

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