Brazilian Soccer Player Alexsandro Duarte and His Bulging Swimsuits Leave Little to the Imagination (Photos)

Brazilian Soccer Player Alexsandro Duarte and His Bulging Swimsuits Leave Little to the Imagination (Photos)

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The men’s swimwear brand D. Hedral recently hired photographer Daniel Jaems to shoot 29-year-old Brazilian soccer player turned model Alexsandro Duarte for their latest campaign. The shots show Duarte on a Dubai beach, stuffing his buff bod and bulging basket into a tight pair of low-rise men’s swim briefs; the briefs can barely contain what he’s packing.

Seriously, look at him: It’s like trying to stuff two pounds of meat into a one-pound bag. You can pretty much make out the outlines of his undercarriage; almost seems pointless to have him wear any swimsuit at all. In fact, we vote that he just do away with those skimpy, stylish swim briefs and let it all hang out. It wouldn’t make a very good advertisement for D. Hedral, but it’d make a killer advertisement for Mr. Duarte (he’s a personal trainer, after all).

In fact, D. Hedral provided this bit of heartstring-pulling biography for Duarte, as if he wasn’t already sexy enough:

At the age of nine, Alexsandro lost his father. Near the same time he started focusing on playing football. His strength and passion for the game saw him reach the professional level as a teenager, playing for top teams in Brazil. That was until the age of 19 when an injury cut  his career short. This forced him to focus on a different path, but he didn’t give up. With some luck and more hard work, it paid off as he is now a qualified personal trainer and a model, living his dream!

Oh he’s living our dream too…. well, our fantasy anyway.

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