Gay Porn Star Ali Liam Is Missing After His Boyfriend Was Found Stabbed to Death

Gay Porn Star Ali Liam Is Missing After His Boyfriend Was Found Stabbed to Death

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Keith Harris was found stabbed to death in his apartment on Thursday, Nov. 2, as reported by San Francisco’s Bay Area Reporter. The 48-year-old gay man’s boyfriend, Alkoraishie Ali, is now missing, according to people close to the victim. Str8UpGayPorn [Link NSFW] confirms that Ali is a gay porn performer who worked for sites and Pride Studios earlier this year, going by the name Ali Liam.

Police said that Harris had suffered “stab wounds” and that a knife was used as the weapon, but they have not released much more information.

Harris was an “absolutely nice, normal guy,” said Paul Novales, the manager of the Estrella Apartments at 340 Hayes Street. “The kind of tenant that everyone wishes they had.”

San Francisco party promoter Gus Bean was friends with the couple. He said that Ali, who is in his early 20s, had frequently worked for him as a go-go dancer.

“Nobody seems to know where he is,” said Bean. “His phone goes to voicemail.”

“They seemed like a perfectly happy couple. … Keith’s an absolute sweetheart, the sweetest guy ever,” he adds. “Ali seemed like a really sweet guy.”

Bean said that he didn’t know of Ali having any trouble involving drugs or crime.

Ali Liam for

“When he came to work at the parties, he seemed completely sober and always did a really great job and was definitely professional,” he said.

Family members of Harris, including his identical twin Kenneth, are leaving comments on Ali’s Facebook alleging he murdered their family member.

Alkoraishie Al and Keith Harris

In one comment, Kenneth Harris writes, “He’s on the run after violently murdering Keith, my identical twin.” In another, he adds, “It looks like Keith made you happy. Why violently murder him? He was kind to you and you killed that kindness. You are a horrible person. Go kill yourself please.”

Police have not announced Ali as a suspect yet.

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