Will All-American Rejects Play a Wedding After Teen Breaks Retweet Challenge?

Will All-American Rejects Play a Wedding After Teen Breaks Retweet Challenge?

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The All-American Rejects set a fan a challenge to get 50,000 retweets after she asked them to play her sister’s wedding.

And she did it!

Nicki Hurren from Guthrie, Oklahoma tweeted the band Sunday, asking them how many retweets she would need for them to perform at her sister’s wedding on Friday.

The band got back to her with the challenge of 50,000. They probably thought she would make the goal with only a few hundred followers, but she proved them wrong and did it. In less then a day.

As of press time, the tweet had 58,000 retweets. One of the reasons why it may have done so well is Liam Cunningham, the actor who plays Davos Seaworth in Game of Thrones, retweeted to his 276,000 followers.

Also, people are misgendering her all over the place and her response to that is pretty epic, too.

So now, do you think the band will show up? They best keep to their promise and make good on it, but we have a feeling they may back out.

The All-American Rejects also just released short film ‘Sweat’. It stars frontman Tyson Ritter and features two new songs “Sweat” (the song) and “Close Your Eyes”. The first song is a raging, base pulsating anthem while the latter is a laid back ballad.

In the visual, Ritter leads a double life as both Robert, a suit-wearing family man, and Betsy, the cross-dressing sex worker he transforms into at night. The video ties the two new songs together by the finale.

The band is looking to drop their fifth full-length in the fall, a follow-up to 2012’s Kids In The Street.

Watch short film “Sweat here:

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