All of America Loves Zach Wahls! (Except Iowa Repubs)

All of America Loves Zach Wahls! (Except Iowa Repubs)

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It seems all of America has fallen hard for 19 year old Iowa college student, Zach Wahls, after he faced down the Iowa House of Representatives and told them he was the fantastic product of having two mothers. An eagle scout, an entrepreneur, and an honor student – Zach is proof positive that Republican nonsense about gays being unfit parents is exactly that, NONSENSE.

Zach, his sister, and their proud mamas were guests on The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell last evening. We LOVE this family.

For the record, the Iowa House did go ahead and vote to allow a measure that would end same-sex marriage in the state, as well as prevent recognition of same-sex marriages performed either in Iowa while they were legal or any other state for that matter. However, Zach points out that the Senate has already vowed not to allow a vote on the measure, and the earliest a confrontation on the subject could arise is in four or five years from now. In the meantime, the Iowa Reps. who voted in favor of repealing this law providing marriage equality for Iowans are left hanging out to dry as bigots.

Are you newfound members of the Zach Wahls fanclub too?

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