Meet the Queens of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ All Stars Season 3

Meet the Queens of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ All Stars Season 3

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Tonight’s the night! Following an All Stars 3 cast special that aired on VH1 tonight, we now know the nine queens who will be competing for the crown on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3. This season’s casting still has one surprise in store for us, but we can’t wait for the new season to premiere later this year!

VH1 had announced today’s casting special one week ago, and the hour-long special didn’t disappoint, “ruvealing” the cast and also featuring a sit-down between RuPaul and recording artist Chaka Khan.

“Millions of fans have their favorite queens that they THINK should be on All Stars 3,” RuPaul said. “But the final decision is mine to make. Prepare to be gagged.”

But enough of that. Here’s what you came for:

In alphabetical order, behold the All Stars 3 cast:

1. Aja

Still fresh in our minds following this year’s Season 9, we can’t wait for more Aja drama! Unfortunately Valentina isn’t part of the All Stars 3 cast, which means this Brooklyn queen with an attitude will have to find another fishy gurl to terrorize!



2. BenDeLaCreme

This Seattle queen initially appeared on Season 6 and made it all the way to fifth place before Darienne Lake unseated her in a lip sync. She’s part-Martha Stewart, part-comedy queen, and we’re looking forward to this Miss Congeniality winner brightening up the workroom.


3. Chi Chi DeVayne

This backwoods girl from Shreveport, Louisiana, is an all-time favorite for her kind-heartedness and her skills of making a lotta something out of nothing. (In her own words, “I’m a cheap queen.”) We didn’t see enough of Chi Chi on Season 8, so it’s great that we’ll be treated to her Southern drawl once again as part of the All Stars 3 cast.


4. Kennedy Davenport

This Season 7 queen was the drag sister of our lost-but-not-forgotten Sahara Davenport, hailing from the Dallas Davenports. A pageant queen known for her polish and professionalism, she also has a bit of comedy queen deep inside her, as we learned on her season’s Snatch Game, when she gave us a hilarious Little Richard.


5. Milk

What can’t Milk do? This figure skater, former altar boy (though never “touched by an angel”) and male model is considered by many to be one of the sexiest boys to compete on Drag Race. But he’s also renowned for his completely ‘out there’ lewks. More, more, more Milk, please!


6. Morgan McMichaels

This L.A.-based Scottish bombshell hasn’t appeared on the show since Season 2, though she was also a regular on Drag U when that show aired. She’s just the right mix of rock ‘n’ roll attitude and killer onstage skills. In her season she once said, “At the end of the day, this is a competition, and I’m out for blood.” Here’s hoping that still applies.


7. Shangela

How many seasons does this make now for Shangela?! Sheesh. She’s the queen who has appeared on more seasons of Drag Race than any other queen save RuPaul, but we’re not complaining. She’s grown so much since her first appearance in Season 2 (and then again on Season 3), and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us this season.


8. Thorgy Thor

The first episode of All Stars 3 is rumored to be another talent show, so will we get to see this wacky Brooklyn queen break out her violin? Only time will tell. We’re so stoked for more Thorgy in our lives!


9. Trixie Mattel

Here’s the queen who has probably seen the most success since her stint on Drag Race. Not only did she release a folk music solo album — that went number one on iTunes — but her hit web series alongside Katya, UNHhh, was also picked up by Vice and will premiere Nov. 15 as The Trixie & Katya Show.


If you watched tonight’s All Stars 3 cast special, you probably saw there’s going to be a special surprise contestant who most likely joins the group during the first episode. Who will it be? We have a pretty good idea, but we’re sworn to secrecy. Here’s a hint, though: The queen we’re counting on is a winner of a past season!


So after RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3, what’s next? Well, last week RuPaul did say the idea of an All Stars winners season is a very real possibility. Fingers crossed!

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