Here Are the 10 ‘Drag Race’ Queens We Want to See on ‘All Stars 3’

Here Are the 10 ‘Drag Race’ Queens We Want to See on ‘All Stars 3’

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We’re sure that RuPaul’s Drag Race will do All Stars 3 sooner than later. The second edition of All Stars was so epic, RuPaul is probably itching to bring back some of her favorite girls for a lot more drama.

Here, we speculate who we think will re-enter the workroom:

1. Kim Chi

We all know Kim Chi was basically the runner-up on her season. With her sickening fashion looks and makeup skills, she would slay the competition. Let’s just hope she’s taken a dance lesson or two. Or three or four.

2. Chi Chi DeVayne

Everyone fell in love with Chi Chi DeVayne on Season 8. We would love to see her back. She’s grown so much since her time on the show, and we need to see more of those lip syncs! Plus, with a Ru Girl budget, we know she would break the bank this time around.

3. Shea Couleé

People are still mad that the lip sync tournament disqualified Shea Couleé during the season finale of Season 9. But Mama Ru has a master plan for everyone, and an All Stars crown may be a much better fit for Couleé and her larger-than-life talent.

4. Naomi Smalls

There would obviously be a lot of Chicago in the workroom if Naomi Smalls was also cast. There’s always lots of New York representation every other year, so why not some Chi-Town? That could be the recipe for another ROLASKATOX alliance, and who wouldn’t love to see that? We’d also love to see what Smalls would contribute her second time around. We feel like she has a few new tricks up her sleeve.

5. Peppermint

But there has to be some New York state of mind in the workroom. Peppermint grew during her season, and while she came so close to clenching the crown, she didn’t leave a winner. She’s proven there is room for trans women in the drag community, so hopefully there is some room for an after-meal Peppermint on All Stars 3.

6. Trixie Mattel

Sure, Trixie Mattel had two chances to win her season, but Ru loves a queen who has made a name for herself despite not claiming the crown. All Stars 3 just wouldn’t be complete without Mattel — a talented queen who is always creative with lots and lots of nerve.

7. Ongina

With loads of charisma, Ongina would be a great addition to the cast of All Stars 3. We could see her being the Tatianna of this season in that she’s an early season cult favorite. And we’re sure that Mamma Ru noticed how cute she looked at the reunion when she asked Peppermint a question.

8. Shangela

Shangela was brought back as a surprise contestant on season 3 after being eliminated first on the season prior. She didn’t win that time either, but since then she has been slaying the post-Drag Race game with her killer performances and looks a Heather would gush over.

She told us she was asked to do All Stars 2 and had to decline because she was being considered for a scripted television series. That fell through, so hopefully Shangela has room in her schedule to get back in the gig this time around.

9. Willam

Even though she has confirmed she wasn’t asked for All Stars 3, we’re still hoping it’s just a tall tale. Willam said on her Tumblr, “The All Stars 3 ship has sailed … and i was on a jetski behind it with a wet blunt and a dream. It’s not gonna happen. The calls have been made and the Ru-know-who’s chose to avoid the variable that is me … and hell … I don’t blame them.”

We do blame them! We love Willam. Yes, she’s drama, but drama is good TV!

10. Valentina

Who do you want to see on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3?

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