‘All Stars 3’ Episode 1 Recap: Spangled Body Suits, Box Work and Shady Reads Galore

‘All Stars 3’ Episode 1 Recap: Spangled Body Suits, Box Work and Shady Reads Galore

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Another season of Drag Race is upon us! And this time, we’ve been treated to another exciting installment of All Stars, where 10 queens we already love will battle it out for that coveted spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame. In our weekly RuPaul’s Drag Race Ru-cap, we break down the latest episode of All Stars 3 read by read and lash by lash. So yes: there are spoilers in this All Stars 3 episode 1 recap. We watched it at Boxers Hells Kitchen with host Marti Gould Cummings. Where were you?

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Here is our All Stars 3 episode 1 recap:

Cameroon: Yes, we said 10… even though only nine queens were announced before tonight’s season premiere. That’s because Momma Ru made a surprise announcement that a previous winner would be joining the nine girls. That winner is Bebe Zahara Benet, who walked away with the crown on Season 1 back in 2009.

Mini-Challenge: The library was open for this week’s mini-challenge, when Momma Ru asked the queens to spill some tea on each other. Here are some of the best reads:

“Big and Milk-y: Just like the drink you give me the shits.” – Chi Chi DeVayne

“Kennedy Davenport: the only queen who doesn’t have to turn to look both ways before crossing the street.” – Milk

“Morgan McMicheals: I know you love to perform hard rock music and that’s good because that face is also a hard rock.” – Shangela.

“Aja: you’re beautiful, you’re gorgeous, you look like Seal.” – Trixie Mattel

“Trixie: Now a lot of people clock your make up but I totally get it. You’re just painting for the back of the room. Which makes sense because that is where you audience collects if you remember to lock the door.” – BenDeLaCreme

“Everybody, I’m the only African here. But why does it look like with Kennedy Davenport you can sponsor her for 30 cents a day.” – BeBe Zahara Benet

The winner? BenDeLaCreme.

Strategy Tragedy: Morgan McMichaels may have shared a bit too much too soon, as she shared with the other queens that unlike All Stars 2, she would eliminate the strongest queens if she has the opportunity. The other kitty girls didn’t like this too much, and it ended up biting McMichaels in her overly padded ass later. Stay tuned.

Maxi-Challenge: The main challenge was an “All Stars Talent Show” where the queens had to prepare performances. The biggest surprise of all was when Aja did a death drop off a box that was at least four feet off the ground. The facial expression on Ru’s face will go down in GIF history.

Other stand-outs were Kennedy Davenport who also displayed some impressive box aerobatics, BenDeLaCreme who did a hilarious tassel twirling burlesque comedy routine and Trixie Mattel who displayed the softer side of her Sears with an acoustic ballad.

Some let downs were Milk, who did a lackluster number where she wore cardboard cut-outs that were stuck to her body with velcro, Chi Chi DeVayne who wore Capezio jazz slippers and an un-styled wig and Morgan McMichaels who awkwardly performed her song to the other contestants instead of the audience.

Runway Yes’s: There wasn’t really a runway for this first episode, but that didn’t stop Michelle Visage from reading the queen’s outfits from the talent show. In general, she was underwhelmed, especially since four of the queens decided to wear “spangled body suits.”

Lip Sync Battle: In the end, the top two — Aja and BenDeLaCreme — had the opportunity to lip sync it out for the chance to eliminate one of their sisters. Performing to Nikki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” there wasn’t really a clear winner from their performance, as they each took different approaches to the track. Aja was more Nicki Minaj while BenDeLaCreme was more … Bea Arthur. In the end, the latter’s comedic timing paid off and she got the chance to send a girl packing.

Who Goes Home: In the end, Morgan’s admission that she should eliminate strong queens was the decided factor for BenDeLaCreme to send her home over Chi Chi.

WTF Moment: When Aja did the split off the box. To quote performer Ryan Raftery: “I live in Hells Kitchen and heard EVERYONE scream at the same time after @ajaqueen’s drop split.”

Shadiest Moment: Is it just us, or is Milky really vicious right out of the gate in her interviews? She called someone (Bebe?) “Grandma” at one point and then later came for BenDeLaCreme, calling her a fake and a phony. Dairy queen came with fighting words to All Stars 3!

Top Three:  I say Aja’s strong first impression tonight will help her go far. I was surprised by BenDeLaCreme doing so well, so she will be a strong contender too. And while she wasn’t a stand-out this first episode, I’m sure Trixie Mattel will be the Bob or Alaska of this season, a show boat from the get go who sails smoothly on to the end. Next to go will be Milk or Chi Chi. Also, because Bebe has already won, there’s a target on her back because thats an easy excuse why she should get eliminated.

But the queens showed tonight they came to play, so we’re looking forward to the season.

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