‘All Stars 3’ Episode 3 Recap: How the Rise of One Queen Became the Downfall of Another

‘All Stars 3’ Episode 3 Recap: How the Rise of One Queen Became the Downfall of Another

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In this weekly Ru-cap, we break down All Stars 3 Episode 3 read by read, lash by lash. Yes, there are spoilers ahead.

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Who You Calling Clown?

When the girls got back to the workroom, they found Thorgy’s lipstick message on the mirror that included a picture of a penis ejaculating. Even though the message was written for Shangela, this ticked off Kennedy. Milk tried defending Thorgy, saying that because she’s “a clown,” resorting to that type of humor makes sense. But Kennedy wasn’t having any of it – especially when Milk threw shade her way and said she looked like a clown herself.

Milk Split Over

After the queens sat down, Milk ended up standing up for Thorgy, claiming that her part wasn’t as juicy as the other queens. She points to Shangela, who she says had great material to work with playing Mariah Carey. Shangela then asks Milk who she would have eliminated if she had the decision, and Milk picked Kennedy

Milk says: “I would have chosen Thorgy to stay. I find Thorgy’s concepts and her looks much more exciting.” This obviously hurts Kennedy’s feelings, and a rivalry between the two is born before the opening credits even roll.

The All Stars 3 Episode 3 Maxi-Challenge

A twist on The Bachelor, “The Bitchelor” is a dating show and this week’s maxi challenge where the queens improvise unscripted comedy scenes with UnReal star Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman. For the challenge, the queens got paired up with one another and were assigned different character types to portray.

Aja and Kennedy will be on a two-on-one date, Kennedy as a party girl and Aja as an insecure girl. Milk and Trixie Mattel will go on a date together with Trixie as a fake bitch and Milk as a psycho stalker. BeBe Zahara Benet and BenDaLeCreme will work together, with Ben as the cougar and BeBe as a shy virgin. Chi Chi and Shangela will be on the last date together as a polyamorous duo, where Chi Chi is into Bowyer-Chapman and Shangela is more into Chi Chi.

Kennedy as The Party Girl was scene-stealing, while BenDeLaCreme as The Cougar was comedy gold. They ended up winning the challenges with pitch poor performances by Aja, Milk and Chi Chi putting those three in the bottom.

Shangela and Bebe were safe. While Trixie came close to winning, Milk’s overbearing psycho routine brought her down a rung or two into just safe territory.

The Softer Side of Kennedy

Some of the girls asked Kennedy how she felt about what Milk said earlier in the episode and she admitted to feeling hurt. She admits she thought they were all on the same page where they’d respect the hard work that each of them put into their art. Kennedy pointed out that her and Milk have worked together outside of the show and now, she feels slighted and disrespected by someone she considered a friend.

The All Stars 3 Episode 3 Runway: On Top

For this week’s runway, the theme was “Wigs on Wigs on Wigs” inspired by Roxxxy Andrews who unveiled a wig under a wig on her first season.  BenDeLaCreme slayed the challenge. Not only did she have a wig under a wig, but she also had a “skirt made of wigs” reveal that left the judges gagged. Trixie gave a great Lady Bunny look, Aja served some anime fierceness that Michelle called her best look yet, and Chi Chi looked poised and stylish in her vintage Egyptian Princess meets ’70s Cher ensemble.

The All Stars 3 Episode 3 Lip Sync Battle

Kennedy and Ben performed “Green Light” by Lorde. Ben’s goal for this week was “not to camp it up” to show some versatility from the comedy-focused performances she put on during the last two lip syncs.  Kennedy also played it pretty cool which made for a relatively slow battle between the two.

However, Kennedy’s performance was still powerful and moving, similar to Latrice Royal’s subtle yet masterful lip synch to “Natural Woman” on her season. Kennedy also did a wig reveal that may have been the trick to claim her victory as this week’s lip sync winner.

Who Goes Home on All Stars 3 Episode 3

In the end, Kennedy didn’t send home “the weakest player” (Chi Chi) like some assumed she would. Much to the audience’s delight, she sent home Miss Big and Milky who has proved this season that congeniality is not in the dairy family. Where I watched, not one person was sad to see Milk get thrown out, and Twitter also seemed in consensus that Milk’s pitch poor attitude was reason enough to send her packing.

The WTF Moment of All Stars 3 Episode 3

Milk explaining that he would be really good at playing the psycho stalker bitch because that is how he got his boyfriend in real life. WTF?

Funniest Moment of All Stars 3 Episode 3

“I like men like I like my coffee — incapable of loving me back.” — Trixie Mattel

All Stars 3 Episode 3: The Top 3 as of Now

BenDe, Trixie and Shangela.

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