‘All Stars 3’ Episode 4 Recap: When Will People Give Shangela the Respect She Deserves?

‘All Stars 3’ Episode 4 Recap: When Will People Give Shangela the Respect She Deserves?

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Thursday night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race was full of intense drama, but rather underwhelming performances. In this weekly Ru-cap, we break down All Stars 3 Episode 4 read by read, lash by lash. Yes, there are spoilers ahead.

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Leave Shangela Alone

The episode began with a fight between Shangela and Trixie. This started after Shangela saw a note from Thorgy pinned up in Trixie’s station, talking shit about her. This is the second time Shangela was attacked by Thorgy in a silly way, after Thorgy also wrote a hateful message with a penis drawn on the mirror before she went home.

The episode also had a flashback to Drag Race Season 3, when the Heathers (Raja, Manila, Delta and Carmen) ganged up on Shangela. This made us wonder: Why is Shangela always the victim of other’s people’s abuse? Leave Shangela alone, people!

Later, Trixie apologized to Shangela — probably not because she meant it but because she wanted to save herself in case Shangela had the opportunity to eliminate someone later.

The All Stars 3 Episode 4 Maxi-Challenge

Snatch Game wasn’t all that snatching. Shangela as actress Jennifer Lewis and BenDeLaCreme as gay comedian Paul Linde were the best of the bunch. Aja turned out a great Crystal LeBeija, but how hard is it for her to play a sassy queen from the ballroom scene? Bebe did a fine job making her Grace Jones funny. But the big misses belonged to Chi Chi, Kennedy and Trixie. Trixie took the most risk playing RuPaul in front of RuPaul and well, it didn’t pay off.  Here we rank them from best to worst:

1. BenDeLaCreme as Paul Lynde

2. Shangela as Jenifer Lewis

3. Aja as Crystal Lebeija

4. Bebe Zahara Benet as Grace Jones

5. Kennedy Davenport as Phaedra Parks

6. Trixie Mattel as RuPaul

7. Chi Chi DeVayne as Mya Maya Angelou

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The All Stars 3 Episode 3 Runway: On Top

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. This week’s runway challenge was flower power, baby. Chi Chi pulled out an amazing look (for once). Her padding was on point, her wig actually had some body to it and her outfit was chic. Shangela’s Beyonce pregnancy announcement outfit was what viral memes are made of. And Bebe Zahara Benet looked absolutely regal in stunning dark chocolate-colored floral gown.

The All Stars 3 Episode 4 Lip Sync Battle

BenDe and Shangela won Snatch Game, so they had the opportunity to lip sync for their legacies. This week’s song was “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry, giving the queens plenty of good material to play with.

BenDe has lip synced every single week! But she needs to start pulling out some new tricks from her bouffant, because her goofy and campy performances are become predictable and flatlining. Shangela pulled out outfit reveals, jokes and “a dip.” We thought she was the clear winner of this week’s lip sync, but Mamma Ru disagreed. She awarded both queens a win this week.

Who Goes Home on All Stars 3 Episode 4

Since both queens won the lip sync, they both got to send another girl packing. At first, BenDe revealed her lipstick. No surprise here: It said Chi Chi. But next, the audience was on the edge of their seats waiting for Shangela to reveal hers. Was she going to boot Trixie for her letter-hanging jab, or would she eliminate the weakest player, too?

In a long-winded speech, Shangela praised the queen she was sending home for creating a career for herself. Everybody assumed she was talking about Trixie and so did Trixie, as she became an ugly crying mess of water works. But no, Shangela revealed that her lipstick also said Chi Chi.

Trixie’s stomach really fell out of her ass at this moment.

The WTF Moment of All Stars 3 Episode 3

When Shangela revealed her lipstick said ChiChi and not Trixie, the lights went out in West Hollywood.

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