‘All Stars 3’ Episode 5 Recap: Mutiny in the Runway Ranks!

‘All Stars 3’ Episode 5 Recap: Mutiny in the Runway Ranks!

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Naturally there are All Stars 3 Episode 5 spoilers ahead!

The dirtiest deed we’ve seen so far on this season of All Stars happened during Thursday night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. (We also met the queens of Season 10. You can head here to see who enters the workroom on March 22.) In this weekly Ru-cap, we break down All Stars 3 Episode 5 read by read, lash by lash.

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The All Stars 3 Episode 5 Mini-Challenge

We haven’t seen many mini-challenges this season. In this one the queens had to get into a quick drag look that was transformed into an Andy Warhol pop art portrait. Aja ends up claiming this win, and the $2,000 cash prize that went with it. Sadly for her, there’s no advantage during the maxi-challenge, which may have helped her in the end.

Ru next announces that for the Maxi-Challenge, the queens have to sew two Andy Warhol looks for the runway: The first is a soup can that represents their brand of drag; the second is a look straight off the dance floor at Studio 54.


To sew or not to sew

Soon we discover that some of the queens in this bunch don’t how to sew. The fact that there are queens on All Stars 3 who never picked up this skill is a disgrace. I love Shangela, but she should have actually paid attention during those months of sewing lessons. And as a winner of her season, the fact that Bebe couldn’t even glue fringe … that ain’t good.

Thankfully for both of them, they have some allies in the workroom. Shangela saved Trixie’s ass from elimination last week, so Trixie returned the favor and helped her at the sewing machine. Aja ended up actually sewing Bebe’s costume for her. We guess they couldn’t afford sewing machines for all the girls on Season 1.


The All Stars 3 Episode 5 Maxi-Challenge

The episode moves quickly into the runway, on which we see the girls walk with their soup cans. In my humble opinion, the worst of the bunch belonged to Aja and Bebe. Aja’s had nothing to do with her personality, and Bebe’s … was boring. Trixie Mattel, Shangela and BenDeLaCreme all aced this one easily, as their soup cans were not only great to look at but also perfect representations of their cooky and campy styles of drag.

Next down the runway, the queens served their best Studio 54 style. The fact that Trixie made her outfit is reason alone for her to snag the crown at the end of All Stars 3. We loved Aja’s look, but the judges read her for misrepresenting the era. During their critiques, it was clear the 23-year-old had her queer history a bit … muddied.

But the worst look belonged to Shangela, which Trixie correctly labeled as the worst thing she has ever seen on Drag Race. It was that bad. 


The WTF Moment of All Stars 3 Episode 5

When Bebe was asked by the judges who made her outfit, she answered, “Me.” The look exchanged between Shangela and Aja said what everybody was thinking: How is Bebe gonna stand there and take sole credit for a look Aja helped with? And especially since Aja was ripped by the judges for her look, it’s a shame Bebe didn’t do the “sisterly” thing she should have.

Bebe and Trixie won the challenge, with Aja and Shangela on the bottom.


The All Stars 3 Episode 5 Lip Sync Battle

We watched Bebe and Trixie lip sync to a Diana Ross song. (This is why this episode was rigged from the beginning.) We get that Bebe gives good Diana Ross, as she did on the season’s second episode. But can’t we see more from her than just bopping up and down and bouncing her Ross-esque hair? Her performance was pitch perfect, but we’ve seen this from her before!


Who Goes Home on All Stars 3 Episode 5

Bebe ends up winning, and she does probably the shadiest thing all season: She sends home the queen who helped her, Aja. Remember when Alaska kept Roxxxy just because she had borrowed a white tank top from her? That’s congenial. We get that it’s a competition, but the audience is watching, and the audience thinks you play dirty Bebe.

Aja actually handled the moment like a professional. We’re surprised she didn’t curse anybody on her way out, but maybe thats Season 9 Aja and this is a whole new diva.


Funniest Moment of All Stars 3 Episode 5

It’s a tie between these two Trixie Mattel one-liners:

“I don’t know if those wins outweigh the fact that there is a record glued onto her head.”

“Do you know what it’s like to lose a lip sync to a partially sedated twink from Brooklyn [Pearl]?”


All Stars 3 Episode 5: The Top 3 as of Now

This episode belonged to Trixie, because even though Bebe won as well, we don’t think she actually deserved to. With BenDeLaCreme clocked for competition fatigue, and agreeing with the judges, we’re curious if she has the stamina to last until the end. Like Kennedy said, “If you don’t want to win, stop playing to win.”

But right now, it’s Trixie, Shangela and BenDeLa as our top three. Of course, that could change at any moment.

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