‘All Stars 3’ Episode 6 Recap: We Just Witnessed the Gaggiest Gag of Them All

‘All Stars 3’ Episode 6 Recap: We Just Witnessed the Gaggiest Gag of Them All

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Naturally there are All Stars 3 Episode 6 spoilers ahead!

The gaggiest gag we’ve seen so far on this season of All Stars happened during last night’s episode. In this weekly Ru-cap, we break down All Stars 3 Episode 6 — read by read, lash by lash.

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The All Stars 3 Episode 6 Twist

Right after she announced this episode’s maxi challenge, Ru revealed that the five eliminated queens would be coming back to compete. At the end of the episode, one queen still in the competition (The Top 5) would be sent home packing to make room for one of the five eliminated queens to return.


The All Stars 3 Episode 6 drama

When the eliminated queens returned, they had the opportunity to sit around the table and confront the girls who sent them home. Thorgy and Shangela got into it over the lipstick letter Thorgy left for her. “That letter” that Thorgy had written to Trixie came up as well, though Thorgy hadn’t had any idea that Trixie put the note up in her station.

Morgan went in on BenDeLa, who she called a hypocrite for sending her home because she wasn’t the worst of the first challenge. Aja got to ask Bebe why the Cameroon queen didn’t tell the judges that Aja helped create Bebe’s outfit.

And then Milk and Kennedy had the most emotional reckoning. Both queens were in tears by the end, with Milk honestly reflecting on whether he may be a douchebag, in and out of drag.


The All Stars 3 Episode 6 Maxi-Challenge

The maxi challenge saw the two teams of queens forming a Kitty GIrl Group with five distinct personalities. The challenge was inspired by the Spice Girls, with Baby Spice herself, Emma Bunton, as one of the episode’s special guest judges. In the end, the Top 5 queens had put together a more cohesive performance, featuring five extremely unique personalities the judges loved.


The All Stars 3 Episode 6 Top Two

The judges loved how wild and crazy Bebe’s “Jungle Kitty” was, so they awarded her with one of the top spots. And as BenDeLa took the most unique approach to her character, channeling a “goth punk” girl, she got the other. After BenDeLa won the lip sync, it was up to her to choose which eliminated queen would return.


Who Goes Home on All Stars 3 Episode 6

After BenDeLa won the lip sync against Bebe, she made the touching decision to bring back Morgan McMichaels, who she felt had more to show in the competition.

And then Ben had to choose which queen would go home: Shangela, Trixie or Kennedy. As BenDeLa pulls out a lipstick from her bodice, she says this is the easiest decision she’s had to make before pulling out a lipstick with … her own name on it. “I’m going home,” she said.

The crafty bitch had added her name to the lipstick with white-out!

Everyone’s face cracked at this gaggiest of gags, including Ru and Michelle, who looked deeply bothered by her choice to bow out early.

“I hope that you don’t see this as a sign of disrespect,” she said to Ru, “because I see myself as such a Drag Race success story. I wanted this opportunity to come back, to fight hard, to show myself what I can do. I have accomplished that.”

As someone remarked on Twitter, “#Bendelacreme winner of everything indeed! Challenges, mini challenges, lipsyncs, eliminations, stunts. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.” So true.

“As it is written, so it shall be done,” Ru said, and with that the clear winner of All Stars 3 sashayed away.


The Funniest Moment of All Stars 3 Episode 6

“Luckily the tables are pretty heavy so there’s gonna be no flipping of any sort of table.” —Milk referring to the drama between the girls.


All Stars 3 Episode 6: Our Top 3 as of Now

Since BenDeLa, the clear winner of All Stars 3, is out, it’s anybody’s game. Morgan won’t go far, and we think in the end it will be Trixie, Shangela and Bebe.

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