‘All Stars 3’ Finale Recap: Did a Jury of Their Queers Make the Wrong Decision?

‘All Stars 3’ Finale Recap: Did a Jury of Their Queers Make the Wrong Decision?

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People are reeling from last night’s episode of Drag Race All Stars 3, where — spoiler alert — Trixie Mattel was crowned the winner. It’s not so much that Trixie was crowned that has fans in a fervor, but that Shangela wasn’t even given a spot in the top two after slaying the competition pretty consistently all season long. Let’s rewind a bit with our All Stars 3 finale recap.

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They’re baaaack…

At the start of the episode, Ru told the final four that the eliminated queens would be returning once again. What they would be doing was still left up in the air, but the girls assumed they would be part of Ru’s decision on who got the All Stars 3 crown. (Well, most did. BeBe assumed they’d be backup dancers.)


All Stars 3 Finale Maxi Challenge

The queens were told they would be performing in a musical number never before seen on Drag Race, similar to the All Stars 2 penultimate performance of “Read U, Wrote U.” The number, a remix of RuPaul’s “Kitty Girl,” was high-energy and was a single camera production packed with lots of backup dancers and performers.

Shangela and Kennedy razzle-dazzled us with their moves, while BeBe’s left us underwhelmed. It was also a bit ironic they put her behind a sewing table when during the only true sewing challenge on the competition, Aja helped sew Bebe’s look for her.


All Stars 3 Finale runway

The queens all looked gorgeous on the runway. BeBe was especially catlike, honoring her African roots with a fierce feline look topped off with a cat’s face. Kennedy Davenport showed her pride with a rainbow ball gown that looked straight out of Hunger Games.

Trixie Mattel looked classic Trixie, but with an elegant flare for the dramatic that just screamed “pretty poodle.” And Shangela wore one of her most understated but sophisticated looks, appearing as a glamorous Cinderella ready for the red carpet at a high-profile Hollywood event.


A Jury of Their Queers

Ru revealed the eliminated queens would be picking the top two. Each queen sat before the jury and pleaded their case for why they should win the crown. When BeBe revealed she hadn’t divulged her lipstick after BenDeLa stepped out of the competition, the queens were triggered.

Shangela broke down in tears in one of her most emotional and sincere moments all season long. Kennedy articulated that she needed the crown more than any of the other queens, and it seemed to work. And Trixie Mattel proved that she was already an All Star before the season began, but also took the opportunity to throw BeBe and Kennedy under the bus.


A new gaggiest gag of them all

The eliminated queens first announced that Kennedy would be in the top two, and then that Trixie would be joining her on top. Shangela accepted the defeat like a true queen. We’ve been saying all season long that Shangela doesn’t get the respect she deserves, and that held up in last night’s finale. For some reason her sisters decided she wasn’t even good enough to be in the top two.


All Stars 3 finale lip sync

Trixie and Kennedy both gave stellar performances to the Miley Cyrus track “Wrecking Ball.” Kennedy was full of flips, spread eagles and backflips, while Trixie’s performance was more understated yet full of raw emotion.


And the winner of All Stars 3 is …

In the end, Ru crowned Trixie Mattel. It’s not such a surprising choice, as Trixie Mattel has created a name for herself outside of the show and did do a great job on this season.

While we’re super pumped that Trixie just got this stamp of approval from Mamma Ru and the crew over at World of Wonder, we’re a bit disappointed her win didn’t come out of a more leveled competition. This season was packed with hijinks and full of drama.

Are we the only ones who feel this season of All Stars 3 felt more like Big Brother or Survivor, and less like Drag Race? It was still good TV, but did the best person win for the right reasons?

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