20 Pics From New York Nightlife Icon Amanda Lepore’s EP Release Party

20 Pics From New York Nightlife Icon Amanda Lepore’s EP Release Party

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New York nightlife icon Amanda Lepore has a new EP out titled Lepore. Last week, there was an Amanda Lepore EP release party at the weekly rage Strut, and we have pics to prove that the nightlife legend still knows how to pack in a good party.

“We think we nailed it with this EP. Amanda’s fans expect her to not only be glamorous but to also buck trends,” producer Bill Coleman from Peace Bisquit productions says. “We’re excited for fans to hear the next evolution of music from the hardest working gal in nightlife. There’s more already in the works!”

Lepore adds, “It’s why I love nightlife people because there is nothing better than a good kiki. Kisses to my musical collaborators who worked hard and captured the energy I wanted to deliver on Lepore. It’s for my fans around the globe that love the nightlife and love to boogie. I cannot wait to share the songs and perform them live.”

Photos by Wilsonmodels

The nightlife icon has been staying busy the last few years. In 2017, she released her memoirs. Called Doll Parts (we love any sort of Courtney Love reference), Lepore released an excerpt. In the memoir’s preview, Lepore told the story of how she first encountered world-famous photographer David LaChapelle.

The excerpt reads:

He told me he had seen me around for a while but was always too intimidated to talk to me. Because my look was so severe, he assumed I was another bitchy party queen.

“I don’t spend this much time looking beautiful just to ruin it with an ugly personality,” I said. “I have no room in my life for rudeness.”

Lepore would famously later become his muse, going from New York club kid to the instantly recognizable face of some of LaChapelle’s most famous shots.

Now in 2018, Lepore is spending some time on her music career. Whether modeling or crooning, we’re just happy she’s still out and about showing the children how it’s done.


Check out our pics from the Amanda Lepore EP release party below:

To stream the Amanda Lepore EP, head here.

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