Amazon Is Selling a ‘Circumcision Trainer Kit’ Online, and It’s Getting Trolled Hard

Amazon Is Selling a ‘Circumcision Trainer Kit’ Online, and It’s Getting Trolled Hard

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Circumcision has long been a controversial topic, and it’s one gay men in particular have strong opinions about. (You could say we have a vested interest in making sure every dick looks its very best.) Well, those who are up in arms over circumcision as a procedure have found a new battleground, as it turns out Amazon is selling an “infant circumcision trainer” on its site, and the pro-foreskin contingent is pissed.

The trainer is meant for medical environments — “Great for nursing and therapy students,” says its listing on Amazon. The kit appears to include the lower half of a baby’s body with multiple uncircumcised penis attachments. And at $200, it’s not exactly a cheap piece of equipment.

Interestingly, though, while the circumcision trainer was formerly sold in the United Kingdom, it’s been removed from the Amazon site there.

“We fear that the sale of this product may encourage unqualified practitioners to carry out unnecessary surgery on infants in non-clinical conditions, resulting in serious harm,” said Dr. Antony Lempert in a letter to Amazon.

But what really caught our attention with this story is how hard the American Amazon page is being trolled by users. We seriously LOL’d at some of the clever user reviews and Q&As.

“Will it simulate a loss of morality as well? Want the full experience of genital mutilation,” one Amazon user asked. And the brilliant response, from another user: “Unfortunately the loss of morality is not included in this kit. If you are looking to have that feeling replicated may I suggest voting in Republican in your next local election.”

Another user question about the circumcision trainer: “We are expecting our first born next month, do I need a medical license? or can I go pro like Abraham?” Now, the Abraham reference gives away this question comes from a user trolling the product, but the product seller maybe doesn’t get that, responding, “Hi, We do not recommend performing any medical procedures unless you are a medical professional. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Have a nice day.”

Another user asks, “Does it have an anus?” The answer: “No, but you can make your own with a drill.”

Another question that is clearly a troll having fun — “I’m thinking of cropping my child’s ears. Do you have a trainer for that too?” — got a serious answer from the seller: “Hi, Unfortunately, we do not. Thanks!” *Facepalm*

And 235 people found this product review helpful (and we found it hilarious): “This reminds me of when my nephew was born. Poor kid was born with no eyelids. But the doctors were able to use his foreskin to fashion eyelids from it. Unfortunately now he’s cock-eyed.”

Head to the product listing on Amazon for even more hilarity.


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