Amber Rose Slams a Lack of LGBT Inclusivity in the #MeToo and #TimesUp Movements

Amber Rose Slams a Lack of LGBT Inclusivity in the #MeToo and #TimesUp Movements

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In a new interview, Amber Rose slams the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, saying they’re not inclusive of people like her or other members of the LGBT community. Here are some highlights from the Amber Rose interview in Paper magazine.

When asked what it’s like to see the topics of slut shaming, victim blaming and rape become part of the larger conversation — a conversation Rose has been having for quite a long time with her nation wide SlutWalks — she responded:

I’ll be honest with you. I’m really happy that our end goal is to fight against rape culture, especially with these guys that are in power and that take advantage of us. But I do almost get angry at the fact that I started this four years ago, and I have reached out to so many celebrity women to help me fight this fight, and they felt like I wasn’t good for their brand. Maybe because I used to be a stripper, or maybe because I’m extremely outspoken. But they didn’t want to help me, and now I see them at the Golden Globes and they’re wearing black and all of a sudden they’re feminists.

Amber Rose at the 2017 SlutWalk in Los Angeles.

Rose also points out that not only does she feel excluded from the current narrative being perpetuated by powerful women in Hollywood, but also that the stories of both less famous people and LGBT individuals are also being erased.

But I’m still not invited, I still don’t get any help from anyone, because I don’t just advocate for Hollywood starlets. I advocate for the strippers and the porn stars and the gay boys that get raped all the time. Transexuals — all of the people that are forgotten, they’re all at my SlutWalk. So it just becomes frustrating to me because, now all of a sudden, all of the women that are in $20 million movies are coming out and now everybody wants to help. They forgot about the regular people like us.

Despite her criticisms of the movements, Rose believes that unity between the oppressed with ultimately win the war against sexual abuse and harassment.

“I mean, my whole thing is like, if you care more about your brand than actually helping people, you’re a perpetrator. Don’t do anything at all, because you’re not for everybody. Be for everybody, let’s band together and just help everybody. Not just rich women that are in movies.”


To read the entire Amber Rose interview, head here.

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