American Apparel is Closing, Announces Goodbye Sale

American Apparel is Closing, Announces Goodbye Sale

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American Apparel is closing the doors of 110 retail locations and their headquarters in Los Angeles. What clothing ads are we going to jerk-off to now? Certainly not L.L. Bean!

Gildan, a Canadian clothing company, will reportedly close all American Apparel stores by the end of April. As many as 3,400 employees could lose their jobs.

They are having a huge sale online and in their stores. You can get 40% off your favorite classic tees, outerwear, hoodies and undies. Stores are probably picked over, but we bet there is still a lot left online. We definitely think you need to stock up on their boy briefs. They are a classic fit and come in every color of the rainbow.

American Apparel was always very LGBT inclusive. They created their “Legalize Gay” campaign after the passing of Proposition 8 that banned same-sex marriages in California. The reaction was so strong, they began selling the same shirts at stores and online.

Annually, American Apparel continued to create LGBT branded apparel, usually donating proceeds to charities. In response to Trump, last year’s line featured the phrase “Make American Gay Again.” Now that is a MAGA we can actually get behind.

They also sold Butt Magazine, a gay publication. After being criticized for carrying it, they responded that it was an “important gay culture publication” and cited freedom of expression.

We look back at some of our favorite American Apparel LGBT campaigns:


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