American Celebrities Are Raising Their Voices on the French Presidential Election

American Celebrities Are Raising Their Voices on the French Presidential Election

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The French presidential campaign, the first round of which is on Sunday, April 23, is also galvanizing in the United States. Two candidates arouse curiosity or fear.

Marine Le Pen, candidate of the extreme right, has for several months been near the top of polls for the first round, and some think she could become the next president. Her program is anti-European, anti-immigrant and Islamophobic. Le Pen is also against equal rights, and would work to end same-sex marriage if elected.

On Twitter, Cher denounced Le Pen without restriction.

For his part, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, whom many in the United States compare to Bernie Sanders, has received much support among artists and intellectuals.

Actors Mark Ruffalo and Danny Glover and professor of linguistics Noam Chomsky have launched a petition calling for unity behind the county’s far-left candidate. The petition reads, “Don’t force French voters to choose between corporate establishment liberalism and xenophobic right populism. Unite in the first round of the presidential election behind the Left candidate with the most support in the polls.”

They explain that they do not want to repeat the “tragedy” of the Clinton / Trump choice, and they refuse to accept that the French presidential election should be limited to a choice between the candidate “of the liberal establishment” and “the populism of the xenophobic right.” This can be seen as thinly veiled criticism of Emmanuel Macron, François Fillon and Marine Le Pen.

The petition has collected over 7,000 signatures as of April 20.

Other tweets addressing American celebrity support in the French presidential election:

Translation: And suddenly, Danny Glover called to vote JL Mélenchon (notably to counter Marine Le Pen …)

Translation: To thank @mrdannyglover for his support for Melenchon I created this image.

On her blog, actress and animal rights advocate Pamela Anderson also hopes that Mélenchon will win:

There has even been mention of the Legion of Honor by Melenchon a fellow animal crusader, climate change champion and believer in Justice for all. Mr Melenchon for President!

On Sunday night, the two finalists for the office of President of France will be known. The second round to determine which one will take office will occur May 7.

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