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gay blog, gay news, pop culture

American Idol Finale: Gaga, Bono, Beyonce, Steven Tyler…and Tom Jones?

gay blog, gay news, pop culture
Born This Way, baby

North Carolina teen Scotty McCreery won Season 10 of American Idol last night, and while Scotty is indeed a handsome fella, we were more interested in the star-studded performances by Gaga, Beyonce, Bono, Steven Tyler, and…Tom Jones?

Well, they can’t all be winners!

There were also plenty of performances with the American Idol castaways, with all kinds of pomp and circumstance, all available online for your viewing pleasure.

Lady Gaga performs “Edge of Glory:”

Beyonce performs “1+1:”

Steven Tyler performs “Dream On:”

Bono and the Edge perform with the Spider Man cast:

Tom Jones performs…

Scotty McCreery performs with Tim McGraw, “Live Like You Were Dyin:”

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