Most Americans Support Gay Rights (But Not Trans Rights)

Most Americans Support Gay Rights (But Not Trans Rights)

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A recent Harris Poll found that most Americans support LGBTQ rights (though a little over half favor anti-trans bathroom bills).

Harris Poll reports:

  • Two-thirds (66%) of adults say they oppose laws allowing businesses to refuse service to LGBT persons because of their religious objections (and a similar proportion (68%) stated their opposition in a May 2016 Harris Poll.)
  • 62% of adults oppose state laws that repeal or overturn local or city LGBT anti-discrimination laws and ban cities from passing similar protections in the future (which has ticked up slightly from the 60% of adults who thought so when asked in May 2016.)

That’s great news! But when it comes to trans rights, things are a little messier:

Despite these majority views, Americans still face a slightly wider division on legislation to restrict access to bathrooms for transgender Americans by requiring individuals to use the bathroom that corresponds to their sex at birth, rather than their true gender identity. When asked about so-called “bathroom bills” in May 2016, 49% of all adults expressed support – however in January 2017, that support has reached 54% of Americans, with 46% of adults opposing these bills.

Nonetheless, over 6 in 10 Americans (63%) agree that all public buildings should be required to offer a single-user or gender non-specific bathroom. Americans slightly favor the federal government (39%) over state governments (36%) in deciding bathroom access, while 22% are not sure at all.

It’s an encouraging sign of social progress during a time in which the GOP is pushing for anti-LGBTQ laws. But for this to mean anything, Americans must put their pro-LGBTQ beliefs into action.

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