Ana Navarro Gives No F*cks: A Look at Her ‘Greatest Hits’

Ana Navarro Gives No F*cks: A Look at Her ‘Greatest Hits’

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It’s not often that we profess our love for a Republican talking head, but what can we say? Ana Navarro stole our hearts this election cycle. (And she voted for Hillary Clinton, so in this case we can let that GOP identification slide—for the time being, at least.)

She may be a Republican strategist, but no one was more vocal in her disdain for Donald Trump’s presidency than Nicaragua-born, Miami-based Navarro, who has been covering elections for years for the likes of CNN, ABC and Telemundo.

We’ve decided to collect some of Navarro’s ‘greatest hits’ in the form of a handy must-see-video checklist, in no particular order:

1. “Through the Looking Glass”

“We have gone through the looking glass. We are now sitting down with Alice,” Navarro said to the panel of The View on Nov. 7, the day before the U.S. presidential election. At one point, referencing the recent social media craze of the mannequin challenge, she says, “If Donald Trump wins, I might be doing the mannequin challenge myself—for four years!” (If you don’t have time to go through our list, the above video includes its own ‘super cut’ of some of Navarro’s best on-camera moments.)

This is also where Navarro told the world that she’d early-voted for Clinton.

2. In Two Languages


One of Navarro’s best on-camera exchanges occurred when she was on a panel alongside former Trump senior adviser Michael Caputo, shot for Don Lemon’s CNN show. After criticizing Mike Pence’s VP debate performance, in which he had mentioned “that Mexican thing,” she shrugs the statement off as a “legitimate gaffe” but notes it stems from a larger problem: a campaign that attacks the Hispanic community and is racist. Caputo refuses to acknowledge that Trump’s campaign is racist, which itself enrages Navarro, forcing her to break out the español.

3. ‘Put a Little Melatonin in His Nighttime Milk’

By the time of this CNN appearance, Navarro had already made a name for herself as a Trump critic, which is what led Don Lemon to point out a few tweets by Trump in which he said Navarro had “no talent” and “no TV persona.” He also called her “one of the dumbest people in politics.” As for the topic she was brought on to discuss — Melania’s Trump speech on the dangers of cyberbullying — let’s just say she sees right through it.

4. Trump Is ‘Completely Unglued’

Speaking with Anderson Cooper, Navarro compares Trump’s campaign decisions to drunk driving: “When you see someone you love or care for driving erratically—driving drunk—you take the keys away. You don’t let that person continue to drive right into a brick wall. Donald Trump is driving smack into a big, beautiful brick wall, and it is driving the entire Republican Party down.”

5. Eff Off, Newt

When Newt Gingrich sat down with Melly Kelly on Fox News to complain about media bias, he said directly to Kelly that she was “obsessed with sex.” Wowza! Speaking to Anderson Cooper (across from GOP defender Scottie Hughes, who will come up again, trust), Navarro points out the hypocrisy in Gingrich’s statement and delivers this zinger: “If [Trump] is going to get a surrogate to speak on [media bias related to sexual assault], who is going to wag his finger on national TV, maybe go find the Pope or someone who has been on his knees in a chapel for the last 20 years, not Newt Gingrich.”

6. Fifty Shades of Crazy

Navarro guns for Trump surrogate Scottie Hughes again while on an Anderson Cooper panel, after Hughes blames Trump’s on-camera pussy-grabbing comment on some “Fifty Shades of Grey culture.” Navarro isn’t having that, responding, “Everything you’ve just said is fifty shades of crazy.”

7. Cat Fight!

It was a downright cat fight on CNN when Scottie Hughes (yep, her again) called out Navarro for—at that time—her decision to place a protest vote by writing in her mother’s name on the ballot. As has become typical, Hughes never fares well in these situations. Our favorite part is when Navarro says, “Scottie, you’ve already been through these talking points. Can we move on?”

8. Going Nuclear

The question, after Donald Trump’s infamous 3 a.m. Twitter tirade in which he urged people to check out Alicia Machado’s supposed (and now known to be nonexistent) sextape: Is that presidential? You can probably guess what Navarro’s answer is, and we couldn’t have said it better: “Hell no.” And even better was her note to Trump surrogates: “Stop the insanity, and let this man know that it is unjustifiable, it is inexplicable, it is illogical, it is irrational, it is immature, it is unpresidential, it is unseemly, it is disgusting and it is gross for someone who is five weeks away from election day, for president of the United States, the leader of the free world, to be tweeting at 4 a.m. in the morning to be tweeting about a sex tape!”

9. ‘Voters of Color’

Debating Mike Pence’s “that Mexican thing” comment across from Trump surrogate Steve Cortes, Navarro attempts to give Cortes some insight into the Trump campaign’s issues with the Hispanic community and disenfranchised communities in general.

10. Does Anyone Else Smell Burning Hair?

The most recent of our clips, here Navarro is brought onto Jake Tapper’s CNN show to discuss Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon to his advisory committee. She’s obviously no fan of the former Breitbart head, evidenced by her response to the news—”Do you have a match so I can light my hair on fire?”—before listing a number of reasons why Trump made yet another bad move.

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