Analog Watch Co. Launches New Timepiece Made From Your Actual Pet’s Hair

Analog Watch Co. Launches New Timepiece Made From Your Actual Pet’s Hair

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Analog Watch Co. introduces the first and only timepiece on the market made from customer submitted pet fur, so you can always keep a piece of your pooch or puss with you at all times.

The Philadelphia based company produces watches from natural materials – wood, marble, and leather. In remaining true to their ethos to be “Inspired by Nature,” they took inspiration from the animal kingdom in developing their newest line, The Companion Collection.

“We spent a year refining the process in which we turn the fur into a high quality, water and dirt resistant, felted wool,” founder Lorenzo Buffa told us. “We haven’t seen anything like it on the market and are pretty excited to be able to continue to innovate through the use of natural materials.”

Don’t believe him? They created a video tutorial to explain the incredible process because seeing is believing, right?

“Simply groom your favorite furry friend with a brush,” the video explains. “Connect two to four ounces of their hair, seal it in a small bag and drop it in the post.”

“We’ve developed an innovative and hand crafted process to transform the fur into a felted wool, which we heat form to a leather watch band and metal watch body shell. With our specialized hydrophobic coating, your new timepiece will remain soft, yet stay clean and water resistant.”

This isn’t the first time Analog Watch Co. has invented an innovative process that re-defines their commitment to nature in a creative way. In 2015, they released the Ant Watch, a timepiece that actually had real life ants living right there on your wrist. How cool is that?

“The Ant Watch houses 3-5 live harvester ants at a time carried on your wrist in a refillable watch-like enclosure with specially designed shake resistant nesting material. Each purchase comes with a vial of five live ants, sand, a food/water dropper, tweezers, a case opening tool, and simple and easy care guide.”

The Companion Watch sells for $199. The demand has been so high, the product is currently on back order.

And, oh yeah: Happy April Fool’s Day!

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