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Anderson’s RidicuList: 51-Year Old Actor Marries a 16-Year Old YouTuber

gay blog, gay news, gay cultureAnderson Cooper dives into a media controversy with conservative website Daily Caller, after sarcastically lambasting 51-year old Lost actor Doug Hutchinson’s marriage to 16-year old aspiring actress Courtney Stodden in Tuesday’s RidicuList.

Stodden married Hutchinson, who also happens to be her manager, in a Las Vegas ceremony. Her parents are supportive, calling her daughter a “good Christian girl” and their new son-in-law a “good Christian man.”

Anderson weighs in:

And for those looking to learn more about Courtney Stodden, look no further because we have collected the best of her YouTube videos right here. Beware, SHE IS RIDICULOUS!

Yet Stodden, who Gawker called “downmarket Ke$ha as she might look in a low-budget piranha movie,” is simply keeping it real.

[best around 2:11!!]

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