Watch the Disney Channel’s Tear-Jerking, Groundbreaking ‘Andi Mack’ Coming Out Scene

Watch the Disney Channel’s Tear-Jerking, Groundbreaking ‘Andi Mack’ Coming Out Scene

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Earlier this week, we told you that The Disney Channel was about to broadcast its first-ever coming out story using a recurring character in their pre-teen drama series Andi Mack, one of the network’s top performing shows. Well, the episode premiered this Friday (it was the first episode of the show’s Season 2 premiere) and we have a clip of the coming out scene below — it’s really beautiful and sweet, you guys!


The context of the Andi Mack coming out scene

Cyrus is friends with the show’s titular heroine Andi Mack. Andi has a crush on the local cutie Jonah, and Cyrus has been totally supportive of her crush. Supportive, that is, until he sees Jonah and Andi actually kiss in the Season 2 premiere. Afterwards, Cyrus realizes that he’s jealous because he actually has a crush on Jonah too. Uh-oh…

Feeling odd about the entire thing (remember, these kids are pre-teens), Cyrus goes to the local cafe to meet his friend Buffy. That’s where the scene begins….



Here is the Andi Mack coming out scene:


Why the Andi Mack coming out scene is a big deal

The Disney Channel has been taking several gradual steps over the recent past to introduce gay, age-appropriate content to its young viewers, but this is the first time that they’ve had a majorly visible gay character who isn’t just a one-off.

Approximately 93.9 million households receive The Disney Channel. That’s nearly 100 million viewers who might see Cyrus’ coming out story and realize that having same-sex attractions doesn’t make you weird or any less worthy of your friend’s love.

Cyrus’ coming out story arc is also supposed to develop throughout the entire season, giving viewers multiple chances to see a young gay person navigate his feelings with his friends by his side. That’s truly groundbreaking, and we’ll be watching to see what happens next.

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