After Claiming Topher DiMaggio Was Suspended, Andrew Christian Releases Video Starring the Alleged Rapist

After Claiming Topher DiMaggio Was Suspended, Andrew Christian Releases Video Starring the Alleged Rapist

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Underwear brand Andrew Christian said it had indefinitely suspended one of its models, porn star Topher DiMaggio, while it investigates several sexual assault claims made against him. A new installment of the Andrew Christian web series Model Behavior was published today, though, featuring DiMaggio.

Five different men, including porn star Tegan Zayne and YouTube personality Bryan Hawn, have all come forward with claims that porn star Topher DiMaggio sexually assaulted them.

An Andrew Christian rep told Str8UpGayPorn (link NSFW), “We are taking this issue VERY seriously and Topher is on indefinite suspension while we look into the matter.”

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Andrew Christian issued another statement, adding that it doesn’t condone sexual abuse:

Andrew Christian does not condone sexual abuse or any other type of abuse or mistreatment to members of our community. We are taking allegations made by the victims very seriously. Accordingly, Topher is on indefinite suspension while we look into the matter. Late last year, Andrew Christian started Project LOVE to help support various worthy charities in the LGBTQ community. Andrew Christian is committed to creating a safe welcoming environment for our LGBTQ family.

DiMaggio’s image has been removed from the Andrew Christian website, except for a few images where his body appears though his head has been cropped out.

The new episode of Model Behavior, titled “Model Meltdown with Michael Silas,” came out today, and DiMaggio’s appearance in the clip contradicts Andrew Christian’s claims the company suspended him.

Did they possibly investigate some of these claims and decide the accusations didn’t hold up? Or did they just film this a while ago and decide to still release it after DiMaggio was suspended?

Either way, it’s awkward the company released it without making some sort of comment regarding DiMaggio’s presence in the video. We reached out to them for comment and will update this post if they get back to us.


UPDATE, 5:35 p.m. EST: A representative from Andrew Christian sent us the following statement:

This episode of Model Behavior was filmed last year, May 2017, long before any allegations of inappropriate behavior were made against Topher. We aired the episode because it was shot last year and Topher is an important part of the storyline in this episode and our fans like to see the real behind-the-scenes workings of an Andrew Christian photoshoot.

We are currently still investigating the alleged claims against Topher but to date, we are not aware of any criminal or legal claims of any kind that have been filed against him by any of his alleged accusers.


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