Watch Andrew Garfield Lip Sync for His Life to a Whitney Houston Classic

Watch Andrew Garfield Lip Sync for His Life to a Whitney Houston Classic

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During last night’s Werq the World Tour stop in London, Andrew Garfield gave the performance of a lifetime — in drag.

Garfield took to the stage to perform an intense lip sync rendition of Whitney Houston’s classic “I’m Every Woman” and he wasn’t bad.

Michelle Visage introduced Garfield. “She is already in character,” Visage proclaimed. “Here she is ladies and gentleman. The one, the only, the voice: It’s Whitney Houston!”

Not only did the former Spiderman lip sync along to the banger, but he also pulled out an epic back flip that left the crowd gagging.

Take note Valentina and Charlie Hides, this is how you lip sync.

Garflied was there with his fellow Angels in America co-stars Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and Russell Tovey. Laverne Cox was also in the audience as well, posing for a pic later in the night with him and Michelle Visage.

Visage wrote on Instagram when she shared the snap:

“What a show, what a night! Thank you as always ?? YOU ARE MY HEART AND SOUL. Andrew Garfield, you are my new friend, I am SO proud of you for not just lip syncing Whitney tonight in a wig no less, but for opening your mind and heart to all it has to offer. @lavernecox you keep doing what you’re doing, you are a trailblazer, a beauty and a ? I LOVE YOU #werqtheworld #tour #soldout”


At another Werq the World Tour stop recently, a little boy in drag got on stage and read Bianca Del Rio. With lots of dates still left on the tour, we’re looking forward to more tricks and kicks.

Watch Andrew Garfield lip sync for his life below:

For tickets to Werq The World, visit here.

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