Andrew Rannells Recounts a Tale of Casual Sex and Family Tragedy

Andrew Rannells Recounts a Tale of Casual Sex and Family Tragedy

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In yesterday’s New York TimesGirls star Andrew Rannells told a tragic story about a hookup gone wrong. In the piece — part of an upcoming book of essays he’s looking to release — the actor talks about how he was on a date when his phone started blowing up.

As any of us might do, he let the calls go to voicemail. After all, etiquette demands you focus only on your date. (Especially when there’s making out involved.)

But after a session of casual sex, Rannells finally checked his phone. He discovered that the calls hadn’t stopped, writing, “I was now sober enough to know that something was very wrong.”

Sadly, that turned out to be the case — that day, at his niece’s first birthday party, Rannells’ father had collapsed. After hearing the news, Rannell started to cry. Brad, his date, came out to see what was wrong.

His hair was mussed and he was completely nude. He stood in front of me, his semi-erect penis at eye level, while I tried to get more information from Doug: What hospital? Should I get on a plane?

I gestured for Brad to sit down. He started rubbing my back, which felt like torture. I was embarrassed about crying in front of him but didn’t care enough to stop.

After I hung up, he tried to hug me. “What happened?”

I wanted to shout: “Clearly nothing good! Put on some pants!” Instead, I tried to explain.

Rannells describes the swirl of emotion he was feeling at the time: Disgust at himself for sleeping with someone he “didn’t even like”; the competing desires not to be alone and for Brad to leave. The desire for his date to leave won out — even if Brad didn’t want to go.

If this were a fictional story, you could imagine a situation where Brad and Rannells bonded over tragedy and are still together today. But in real life, in this instance, that wasn’t the case. They never saw each other again except for a smile-and-nod on the street two years later.

We can’t wait to see the other tales Rannells includes in his upcoming book of essays.

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