Andy Cohen Revealed a Really Embarrassing Lady Gaga Story: ‘She Went Into My iTunes’

Andy Cohen Revealed a Really Embarrassing Lady Gaga Story: ‘She Went Into My iTunes’

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Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer from Broad City were on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live last night. The subject ended up turning to Lady Gaga after a caller asked a question, and then Cohen revealed a hilarious and embarrassing Gaga story.

A fan asked, “What is your favorite song off of the new album?” After an awkward pause, the threesome have trouble answering, almost as if they’ve never heard the new album all the way through.

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They all ended up half-assing their answers and responding with “Joanne,” taking the easy way out as that’s the name of her new album. Next, Cohen explains he has a great Gaga story. 


Andy Cohen continues:

“I played Zeus and I went to the shoot and I did not think Lady Gaga was gonna be there because the shoot was just for me. It was a green screen shoot but she was directing the video so she was there. She came into my dressing room and she goes ‘Okay, so basically this is what you’re gonna do and this is your part.’ And I had my phone and she goes ‘Well let me get the song on’ and she took my phone and she went into my iTunes. She goes ‘Well, here let me just get the album,’ and I didn’t have it.”

Cohen explains that he was was mortified., especially since his phone was full of “Madonna, Madonna, Madonna.”

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“It was crazy,” he concludes.

Andy Cohen and Ilana Glazer end on a positive note. “By the way she was so amazing and I could not love her anymore,” he said. Glazer adds, “To be there for a green screen shoot? I’m like, ‘You are a queen.’”


And, just because, watch the Andy Cohen Lady Gaga collaboration ‘G.U.Y.’ below:

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