Andy Cohen’s Sex Life Is the Next Topic Kathy Griffin Is Dragging on Social Media

Andy Cohen’s Sex Life Is the Next Topic Kathy Griffin Is Dragging on Social Media

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Kathy Griffin has just spilled some tea on Andy Cohen’s sex life. Griffin just published a story from a man who claims he had a one-night stand with the Watch What Happens Live host.

“I find it hilarious that Andy Cohen’s current ad campaign for WWHL has a premise that implies that no matter where he goes people just want to spill their guts to him,” Griffin tweeted Friday morning.

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Griffin followed with an account allegedly sent to her from a man named Forrest who claims he slept with Cohen in college.  Forrest, whose last name was removed from Griffin’s tweet, alleges he met Cohen through a mutual friend in 1989 at the University of Wisconsin, and that Cohen came to his apartment the same night.

Forrest mocks Cohen’s lazy eye and claims that the TV personality was an aggressive and selfish lover. He also comments on Cohen’s private parts, explaining “By the way, Andy is a small guy, not just in height.”

By Forrest’s own account, Cohen declined to see him again after their first and only encounter.

“Enjoy your morning tea,” Griffin ended her post. “Prepare yourself for his transparent retaliation. Do you know me now, b*tch?”

Griffin has been publicly fighting with Cohen ever since he was named as her replacement on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special with her former friend Anderson Cooper. CNN dropped her after she took her Trump picture.

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Cohen threw the first public blow when he pretended not to know who Griffin was when asked about taking over her hosting gig at CNN. He basically Mariah Carey’d her.

Griffin responded to Cohen’s shady ways with a video posted on YouTube and Twitter where she blasted him, accusing him of offering her cocaine before her two appearances on his talkshow. She also said that Cohen wanted to be her, imitating her jokey red carpet interviews, giving himself his own talk show on Bravo at a time when she had sought one and generally being a horrible boss during their time working together.

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